Health, Safety & Environment Policy

Crag Energy Services is committed to providing the highest quality personnel and resources to our clients. In doing so, we commit to ensuring that every candidate shall work under the safest working conditions possible and that all of our candidates shall conduct him or herself in a manner that is conducive to a safe and healthy working environment and in protecting the natural environment.

In order to meet these commitments, Crag Energy Services shall:

  • Design, implement, and continually evaluate and improve our safety and environmental programs, standards and performance;
  • Regularly measure performance against recognized industry standards and meet or exceed all legislative requirements as well as standards and requirements set forth by our clients;
  • Reduce and prevent workplace injuries, incidents and pollution by providing our candidates with the highest level of training and resources needed to properly identify, manage and control unsafe working conditions, practices and the safety and environmental risks associated with the work being performed; and
  • Oblige all personnel and contractors to assume responsibility for safety and environmental protection by working safely and responsibly under all circumstances, participating in training sessions, understanding any applicable requirements, and quickly and effectively communicating any unsafe working conditions or practices.